Aurélien Dumont

Fertile Gap

Standing at the crossroads of richly intertwined worlds, Aurélien Dumont, a French composer born in 1980, is always tuned in to “the other.” How better to describe the passage from real- ity to composition - and vice versa - that is the primary focus of his in nitely subtle music. It is always a matter of taking words and things, carefully examining their differences, and considering ways to give them meaning.



Claude Ledoux, Composer, musicologist

Pierre Rigaudière, Senior lecturer at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, musicologist, music critic

Florence Trocmé, Author, journalist


With poems by:

Véronique Bergen

David Christoffel (English translation by Ian Monk)

Frédéric Forte

Dominique Quélen

François Rannou


Bilingual publication French-English
(English translation by William Snow)

Collection À la ligne - 2e2m



Agata Zubel

Aphorisms on Miłosz (extrait)


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